01 Aug

Coastal Living Idea House Toasted by Lightning

One of the coolest Idea Houses I worked on is now toast. Lightning started a massive fire that burnt the River Dunes, NC home to the ground earlier this month. It is a such a waste of a gorgeous home.

Saddest thing to me is that the 4′ x 7′ red oak dining table that was custom built from old barn timbers was presumably also destroyed by the fire. It was a beautiful piece—pardon my prejudice—that I really enjoyed building. You can see more pictures of the table here and there is a shot of it in the news video above.

24 Feb

Base of Support

Progress continues on Kelly’s dining table. The two halves of the top have been rough sanded and the table base is almost complete.

Table Support

Remaining steps include fitting the two halves using alignment pins, placing the attachment points for the two halves, finish sanding all the parts, and application of the penetrating oil finish. Then it will be heavily bubble wrapped and packaged for shipping by Fed Ex. If the weather cooperates, I hope to do this my next weekend or shortly thereafter. It looks good and is solidly built. I made a couple improvements to the design since the initial table was built. I hope Kelly likes it when it is in her home. She has picked some fabulous chairs from Pier 1 that will complement the rustic nature of the piece and add some style and class to the dining set.

17 Feb

Progressive Dinner

It is beginning to look like a dining table, or at least the parts of a dining table. There is only one piece of the 5 left to be assembled–the center crosspiece. I have done the math and plan to cut and assemble it tomorrow. Believe it or not, the trigonometry/geometry I learned years ago does come in handy at times. I used the good old Pythagorean theorum to figure out the lengths of the pieces I will need to form the crossed members of the center support.

This picture shows the underside of one of the top halves. I added some thin strips to the underside. The glue has to be removed and it needs a final sand.

table top underneath

Here are the leg supports. They need some hand sanding to remove glue residue but otherwise these are ready to be assembled to the crosspiece when it is finished.

Table legs

10 Feb

Dining Table: progress

This weekend was beautiful here in AL. So, I was able to make progress on Kelly’s dining table. This first image shows one half of the top (leaned up against the wall), one of the leg supports, and the second half of the table on the floor. The larger spots on the table top have been filled and sanded to medium grade. Final sanding will wait until just before finishing with a penetrating oil. The leg support pictured has not been rough sanded yet. The second half of the table top is still about 10″ short of where it needs to be so I have a few more planks to fit.

Table Progress

The second leg support has been fitted and joined but the glue is drying as of now.

Table Leg Support

So it is coming along. It is going to be rustic and beautiful!

23 Jan

Roughing It

Kelly S.’s dining table is slowly taking shape. Weather and a regular job have hampered progress, but half of the table top has now been assembled. The planks were joined with grooved dowels and a polyurethane glue. I love this glue because it fills spaces, sands well, and holds like, well glue, or at least like glue should. Here are a couple pictures of the first half of the table top–rough though it is. Trust me it will be just gorgeous when it is sanded and finished.

Rough Table Top

This next one is a close up of the greenish spalting in the end plank. Did not see this in the wood for the Coastal Living table. I think it is from metal leaching from nails or roofing. Notice the nail tracing. There are plenty of cool features like this in salvaged wood.

Closeup of wood