17 Feb

Progressive Dinner

It is beginning to look like a dining table, or at least the parts of a dining table. There is only one piece of the 5 left to be assembled–the center crosspiece. I have done the math and plan to cut and assemble it tomorrow. Believe it or not, the trigonometry/geometry I learned years ago does come in handy at times. I used the good old Pythagorean theorum to figure out the lengths of the pieces I will need to form the crossed members of the center support.

This picture shows the underside of one of the top halves. I added some thin strips to the underside. The glue has to be removed and it needs a final sand.

table top underneath

Here are the leg supports. They need some hand sanding to remove glue residue but otherwise these are ready to be assembled to the crosspiece when it is finished.

Table legs