24 Apr

Showhouse press

Birmingham Symphony Decorator Showhouse cabinetFrom AL.com:
Decorators ShowHouse revisits a manor

“The children’s playroom, decorated by students at Virginia College, is a woodland wonderland. The wooden stage, topped with an arbor, is trimmed with river rocks and features a chalkboard background “so they can change the scenery,” says instructor Ginny Aday. One corner of the playful, angular room features a hand-painted tree, trimmed with fairies, while another is outfitted with a custom-built banquette, which is upholstered with a brown-tweed fabric and topped with robin’s egg blue pillows.”

No mention of my piece, but it may not have been delivered yet. I got it in just under the wire.

21 Apr

Delivered to Showhouse

Cabinet in Children's RoomDelivered cabinet to Birmingham Symphony Decorator Showhouse today.  Did not get to see the entire house, but the children’s room is very fun and well done. The cabinet fit in perfectly and the interior designer (Ginny Aday Interiors) in charge of the commission was pleased. Of course, I forgot my camera, but Ginny took this picture at the patron’s party and sent it to me. I heard that B’ham Magazine will be doing a shoot so will be on the lookout for their coverage.

Another photographer was at the house. I was very pleased to see my friend Jean Allsopp there. Her photos always showcase a house well. I also met designer Marjorie Johnston who decorated the foyer.

Showhouse opens April 24 for touring.

Monday – Saturday 10am – 3pm,  Sunday 1pm – 5pm. Tickets are $20. For more info, click here.

20 Apr

Cabinet- It is finished!

cabinet-finished-1Delivery tomorrow to the showhouse. Finish was still a bit tacky, but by morning it should be fine. I applied a coat of paste wax over the satin polyurethane to dull the finish even more. No time to add much in the way of peeled wood accents, but did add a natural twig handle. Hinges are rusty iron and there is a hidden door catch. I am pleased and hope the interior designer will be too.

19 Apr

Cabinet in Progress

Cabinet with interior finishWith the deadline looming, I have been working like crazy on the cabinet for the Birmingham Symphony Decorator Showhouse. This weekend I got everything assembled except the door. I even started to put on the finish before I remembered to take more pictures. I had already applied stain (Olde Maple) to the interior of the cabinet in this picture.

At first I wasn’t too sure about the final result, but after covering the entire piece with one coat, I am very pleased. The finish looks very natural but has an aged feeling to it that compliments the origin (barn timbers) and rustic character of the raw wood. I have not decided about a second coat. I am leaning toward a coat of paste wax.

What remains is to mount the door and, if possible, apply some fall peeled wood accents to the door. I had originally thought I would trim out the top with  the peeled wood, but it is very difficult to get straight cuts on naturally curved wood without a band saw. That may be my next purchase. Applying some accents may or may not work out. More on that later.
Cabinet with finish

The compound miter saw came in handy on this project and I finally laid to rest my Porter Cable orbital sander. It died after a very useful and productive life. I replaced it with a Black and Decker Palm Grip Sander after trying out the newer model of the Porter Cable  sander. Did not care for it and returned it the same day. The B&D is very nice and feels great in the hands due some gel inserts in the multiple handles. Bonus: It was also on sale for only $34. The PC model I returned was $59. Gotta love that.

12 Apr

Cabinet: First look

Symphony Cabinet: First LookThe cabinet for the Birmingham Symphony Decorator Showhouse is beginnning to take shape. This first picture is of the frame made of red oak barn timbers from northern Alabama. There are some really cool knots, nail holes, worm-wood, and rough sawn places that make this wood very interesting and rustic. The majority of the cabinet is going to be crafted from this stock. I plan to use fall peeled maple for accents.