About Rustixs

  • Handcrafted- each piece is one-of-a-kind in character and materials.
  • Made from salvaged wood where possible from discarded furniture, land clearing and shipping palettes.
  • Imperfections and natural diversity of grain and color make no two alike.
  • Hardware accents chosen for both form and function.
  • Complimentary mix of techniques, styles and materials. Furniture with character and functionality.


See the 7 ft dining table built from salvaged red oak for the Coastal Living 10th Anniversary Idea House

Welcome to Rustixs.com! After making/refinishing furniture off and on for about 10 years I discovered rustic wood furniture and there was no going back. I have found rustic furniture and crafts to be a true expression of innovative creativity, a laid-back approach to life, and just a joy from concept to completion. And rustic furniture is “green”.

The look and individuality of handcrafted peeled wood furniture cannot be matched by mass-produced, so-called rustic furniture offered in many specialty shops. The individual variations and character found in wood that is often judged to be poor by the high quality furniture makers only serve to make the finished piece beautiful and interesting.

Palette wood very often has gouges and dents that you can’t fake—besides the knots and such inherent in this source of material. I get a lot of satisfaction from salvaging broken and discarded pieces into something functional and unique. Plus, I often get to learn new techniques and new materials. There is nothing to limit creativity, challenge, or vision except the physical limitations of the materials.

I have built tables, cabinets, chests, and beds from the ground up. Other pieces shown on Rustixs.com were found on the junk heap and brought to new life by re-seating, refinishing, and refurbishing.

If you are interested in having a piece fixed, or if you’d like a piece custom built for you, contact me. I’d love to discuss your project.

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