09 Jun

History Lesson

Went to Southern Accents, Inc. in Cullman, AL today to browse the warehouses of architectural salvage materials. They have everything from old hardware, doors, leaded glass, knobs, to salvage wood. Amazing! It was a history lesson. One thing that struck me was some segregation era signs they had in a pile at the end of one counter. Some of them said “White Women Only” others said “Colored in the Rear” or something like that. It is bizzare that those times were not that long ago and remarkable how far we have come since. It makes me sad that people were hated for no reason other than the color of their skin. Pure ignorance and evil from the pit of hell.

It was a history lesson for me as well to see the doors, windows, mantels, door bells, hardware, and other items saved from the trash heap of time. SA is doing good work by saving these pieces of history and passing them on, and making a profit in true American fashion. They also make what was old new—SA has a complete wood shop that makes doors out of reclaimed wood. If you are ever in that neck of the woods, stop by. You will want to allow some extra time to browse through history.