06 Jun

Mud Wrestling

Any of you who have tried pottery on a wheel understand what I mean by “mud wrestling” when centering the clay. As a novice, this is one of the most difficult aspects of throwing pottery. I know it is learned and becomes a “felt” thing, but it is difficult at the start. And even now, on my second round of classes, I had difficulty getting the clay to center up today.

My first round of classes at Cahaba Clayworks produced some work that only a mother could be proud of and a couple other things that will probably be displayed in my house. I am taking classes again because it is fun to get up to my elbows in mud and a challenge to make it from ball of clay to finished piece of whatever kind. The challenge rises as the piece develops because there are so many ways for a piece to go wrong along the way.

Attached is an image of my first pieces. My friend Shea posted a picture of her work, so I had to post mine. We had a great time in our class and our instructor Wade Oliver was very patient and helpful–great sense of humor too. He needs it if all his students were like us.

my first pottery